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Deborah Marcus


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Deborah Marcus is an Austin, Texas-based actor and author who’s launched a second entertainment career following longtime success as a marketing consultant, brand manager, and executive coach. Since pivoting back to acting for the first time since her early teens, Deborah has landed multiple lead and supporting roles in feature and short films, collaborating with filmmakers around the Hill Country and in South Texas. She continues to enhance her skills in the craft by training in film and TV acting classes and workshops.

Deborah’s polished and professional appearance, combined with her script analysis technique and intuitive decision-making, is well-suited for roles as ethical high achievers in the corporate world, sharp-thinking defense attorneys, and savvy detectives relentless in their pursuit of justice. Her real-life experiences as Mom to two daughters with hidden illnesses provides a deep understanding of the resilience, strength, and warmth needed to perform as a loving mother, doting aunt, and caring teacher. As a result of her ability to vacillate between these different personas and to bring intensity to her characters, Deborah is often asked to play the unsuspected villain in narrative works.

Raised by teachers in the Boston area, Deborah started performing in her early teens, landing lead roles in dozens of school and community plays and musicals. Once represented by Cameo Agency in Boston, she appeared in a national commercial for Super Soaker, landed a supporting role in an after-school special on NBC, and worked as a background actor on successful studio movies by Paramount and Universal.

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