Maya Elizabeth


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Maya is a half Mexican and half Middle Eastern actress born in Texas. She speaks English and Spanish fluently.

Maya tends to be cast as the tough woman with a heart of gold. In one moment, she can tell you off with a knowing smile, or melt in your arms the next. Her ethnically ambiguous features are not only versatile, but captivating when she transforms into various multi-cultural roles. Mysterious charm paired with a girl-ish bubbly vibe, Maya is reminiscent of a young Salma Hayek, Priyanka Chopra and Marissa Tomei. Displaying a sophisticated logic that keeps her heart well guarded, Maya keeps the audience guessing as to what she will do next.

Training: Maya has studied the craft of acting with James Price at The Acting Studio (a student of Sanford Meisner), The Matt Newton Studio NYC, and with actor and director Lea Brandenburg, and director and filmmaker, Joe Whelski.