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Aaron Lamar


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Meet Aaron Lamar, a talented actor born and raised in the vibrant city of Baltimore, Maryland, who now calls the artistic haven of Austin, Texas, his home. With a background in collegiate football in Maryland, Aaron discovered a new passion that ignites his big screen presence: dedicated boxing training and stunt work.

Recently, Aaron has been making waves in the entertainment industry with captivating performances in a series of commercials, showcasing his versatility and charm for brands like Iron Neck, Hims, and Notco. But his true passion lies in storytelling through film, where he has left an indelible mark with notable roles in movies such as "Catharsis," "4:15AM," "Protocol-7," and "Divided We Stand."

Aaron thrives on taking on fresh challenges and immerses himself wholeheartedly into every script he encounters. With a fervent commitment to delivering exceptional storytelling, Aaron Lamar is a rising star ready to leave an unforgettable impression on audiences worldwide.

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