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Draye Densmore


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Draye Densmore is an actor pursuing roles in feature films, independent films, short films, student films, commercials, music videos and voice overs.
He played the lead in a digital series called “Judgemental Executive” where he constantly badgered the new hire at the office trying to get her to quit.
He was the lead in another digital series called “Sexist Bartender” in which he attempted to befriend any women who walked into the bar he was tending.
Draye was the lead in "Dear Anne" , a post-apocalyptic student film where a man is searching the world looking for his girlfriend.
He was the main supporting character in the short film “A Sign From Above” where Draye played Ted, a rich man unknowingly having an affair with a cop’s wife.
He was also the main supporting role in “Art Therapy '' a student film where his character intends to shut down an art studio only to realize they’re adding a lot of value to society.

Draye's been the principal in commercial projects as well for companies such as Keller Williams Realty and Arts and Labor Productions.
He's taken numerous acting classes focusing on character development, non verbals and internalizing a script. Draye thoroughly enjoy making a character his own and bringing it to life through all of the traits and nuances.

In Draye's spare time he reads acting novels learning everything he can to develop his skillset. He also watches and study classic films with iconic performances. Non acting activities he enjoys are traveling, working out, playing sports and investing. Draye plans to act for the rest of his life and love every second of doing it.

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