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Jose Raul Corres


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Jose Raul Corres is an actor, screenwriter, and director born in Tampico, Tamaulipas, MX, and moved to Mexico City, MX, at a young age. He resides in San Antonio, TX, where he and his sister started their production company. The contrasts between living in Mexico, moving to the United States, and the blessing of his eclectic childhood in picturesque settings have inspired him to approach his art with a unique lens. His cultural and life experiences have inspired him to create films that showcase Latin culture, romance, drama, action and adventure, and experimental narratives. His onscreen work ranges from the award-winning features Colineales and RMX Studios’ Spanish mid-length feature La Entrega to shorts such as JD Macias’ To Sofia, and the recent, Desolate and Love is but a Memory which has been accepted to over a dozen film festivals.

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