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Don Daro


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Film trained Don has played varied lead roles from a serial killer in the award winning feature film "Virgin Cheerleaders in Chains" as well as a good guy Texas Ranger in "Motorpsycho Maniacs" all on Amazon Prime and TUBI. On El Rey Network Don played an alien bounty hunter in the feature film "On The Run". Most recently, Don played a lead role in the western genre "Coyote Woman" as a Texas Ranger along with "Infernal" a horror film based on Dante Alighieri's The Divine Comedy. Also recent supporting roles in "Total Rewind" a Vietnam War action film and in the WWII era sci-fi pilot of "Desert Terror" along with a medieval themed TV series concept "In This, Conquer" as a Bulgar Boyar noble set during Byzantine wars of the Eastern Roman Empire.

Don has studied film acting with John Lansch (Houston), Bentley Mitchum (Dallas), Ben Taylor (Atlanta), The Mastery with Van Brooks (Austin) and most recently Rich McDonald (Tampa).

Eurasian (mixed ancestry half English & half Filipino) born in the Philippines raised in Texas. Avid coastal fisherman and all around athlete specifically advanced proficiency: football, basketball, sand volleyball, tennis/ standard proficiency: golf and horse riding. U.S. Air Force Veteran, weapons licensed and proficient with all firearms. Texas State University Alum and former trumpet player. Heat acclimated, no aversion to high temps.

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