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Elizabeth Maxwell


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ELIZABETH MAXWELL is an accomplished actress and lifelong lover of genre films and all things geek. She received her BFA in Theater from Chapman University, and has gone on to play roles in mainstream entertainment (From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series, Criminal Minds, A Perfect Getaway, Lost Tapes), as well as in the indie film world (Little Woods, Virgin Cheerleaders in Chains, Tip Your Waitress, Star Trek Continues, Hard Reset 3D).

She is also a prolific voice actress with countless anime, video game, and cartoon credits, and has worked with such clients as Nintendo, Warner Bros., Rooster Teeth, FUNimation, Capcom, Atlus, Square Enix, and Bandai Namco. She has received numerous awards for her voice acting, and appears regularly at comic and anime conventions across the country.

When she’s not behind a mic or camera, Elizabeth enjoys super hero training (aka stunt fighting and kickboxing), watching John Carpenter and Miyazaki movies, reading fantasy novels, and planning for the zombie apocalypse.

More info on IMDb ( and, and keep in touch on Twitter (@AboutElizabethM) and Instagram (@elizabethmaxwell).

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