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Joe Barajas


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JOSE (JOE) BARAJAS is an actor, writer, director and producer, currently residing in Austin, Texas. Joe began his love in all things film when he managed to convince his high school English teacher to create a short film as part of his assignment rather than turn in a written essay. In the process, he single-handedly created a Video Editing department for his high school. In his college years he was a stage manager for an Anton Chekov play on “Off Off Broadway” in New York City. Later, Joe decided to move to Austin, Texas where he graduated from college and continued his film pursuit. He earned his way onto film sets (as a Production Assistant) for major motion pictures such as “Spy Kids 4”, “Meet Jane”, “Machete Kills”, and “When Angels Sing” to name a few. It was this experience that prepared him to create his own production company named Regardless Productions. He started with writing a short film titled “In Front Of You” and later co-wrote a webseries titled “Josep and Shawn.” Joe went on to produce and direct these films along with other films which eventually led to his first feature Directorial Debut titled “Hollow Scream.” Not only was Joe behind the camera, his main passion is being in front of the camera ever since appearing in films such as “Line of Duty” (Mission Park), and indie films such “Garusta” (Aghora), “Army Battlemind” (made for Army Training) and most recently “Hollow Scream”. Joe has also been cast in numerous local, regional and national commercials including Dell, Church’s Chicken, Frost Bank and most recently the Amazon NextGen Commercial.

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