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Rachel Bird


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RACHEL BIRD is an actress who hails from Texas, but considers herself a Child of the World. She is a chameleon who can be your love interest, the quirky best friend, the bad girl your mom tells you to stay away from, or the superhero who lifts the car right off of you. She specializes in the Miesner technique and currently training with Laurel Vouvray. Her other creative outlets include, and are not limited to, creative writing and modeling/photography.

Rachel enjoys the fit and healthy lifestyle through her passion of the aerial arts (specially pole dancing), lifting weights at the gym, fighting in the boxing gym, cooking at home, or hiking the trails of the world with her fur babies. She enjoys an challenge and living life to its fullest.

When she is not creating content, Rachel is a humanitarian who fulfills herself through her relationships and quality time with family and friends.

You can follow her at: @therealrachelbird

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