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Tinus Jewls Seaux


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Born to a family of actors in Lafayette, Louisiana, Tinus joined his first cast with "Aesop's Fables" at the young age of seven. Twenty-three years and many productions later he is still spreading himself thin across film, theater, improv, stand-up, music and all other aspects of production.

Recently he starred as the leading role and produced a feature film that is making it's way through the festival season. "John Valley's Duncan" has him portraying Duncan, a militiaman/conspiracy theorists trying to decipher the truth. From character acting in films to being completely natural in commercials, Tinus takes pride in his ability to mold himself to whoever or whatever the director needs him to be.

All throughout his life Tinus was learning the craft of acting, eventually getting his undergrad from Texas State University with a degree in Production and Performance. Before college he was heavily involved in community theaters, school plays(multiple Best Actor awards in State Competitions), heading the thespian society at his high school and making short films with his friends. Now, after college, he is still in pursuit of gaining more tricks of the trade to add to his repertoire.

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