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The Acting Group's Tony Wasson wins Best Agent in Austin presented by AAF

Hell yeah! Last night our very own agent Tony Wasson received the Best Talent Agent by @aafaustin 👏🏽

Tony’s words:

“Well this is a lovely surprise! Such an honor to be recognized for simply doing my job. I am so very lucky to work with the best talent in Austin. And above all, very thankful for the love and support from my partner in crime, Jorge Elizondo. Such a pleasure to operate @theactinggroup with the best agent in Austin by my side. I learned from the best! And of course big big thanks to @aafaustin for the nomination and to be considered for this award. I am so delighted!”

Well deserved Tony! Congratulations!!!

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1 commentaire

Addie Alexander
Addie Alexander
17 oct. 2022

So well deserved Tony. I really appreciate your patience.

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